How ATX COVID-19 Exchange Works

This platform brings together experts, innovators, and leaders to create community solutions to critical COVID-19 needs. Someone in the community submits a need. Our team then vets the need. Then the community comes up with a creative solution. People can respond to specific needs. Or if you have ideas and materials that you think could help you can simply submit a solution.

For example, an organization identified the need for 100 gallons of hand sanitizer for homeless service providers to distribute. After that need was vetted, the platform sought the community’s help. Donated ingredients were secured from local businesses. Appropriate containers and lab space were found to produce the hand sanitizer.

How to Help During Coronavirus

Do you have a creative solution to address the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE)? Maybe you have some raw materials that can be donated? Or you can provide space, tools, or expertise to create much needed supplies. Some of the solutions found so far include:

If you think you have a solution please sign-in to submit your solution.

If You Have an Unmet Need

If you are part of a clinical, public health, or community-based organization, please submit your need, and we will be in touch.