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Who we are: Dell Medical School's Health Ecosystem office, facilitating and supporting the Austin area response by coordinating with the city, public health, and disaster relief network. With Austin Public Health, UT Health Austin, City of Austin, chief innovation officer, Kerry O'Connor, UT Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering, Design Institute and more.

Why this site:
For needs and solutions that may require expertise to vet and or benefit from our networks to coordinate. All in support of the entire community's response in alignment with public health guidelines.

Exchange Glossary & Clarifications

  1. PPE - Personal Protective Equipment.  These generally have designs and models approved by regulatory agencies.  
    1. PPE-Masks - Can be N95 or Surgical; different usages. CDC visual clarification.
  2. DIY- Do it yourself.  Generally what you can make at home, or in labs or other machining capacity that you may have access to.  3D printing generally not included here.
    1. DIY-Masks - can make these at home, and generally these are of the surgical variety, can be made at home with fabric and a few other pieces, but should follow trusted specifications (specs) We've worked on curating the Internet, and regularly update our recommended DIY-Masks resources.
    2. DIY-Faceshields - these will become really important during these COVID-19 times.  We are in the process of vetted DIY instructions.  These will be a little more complicated to make relative to DIY-Masks, but still doable, and with a partner we'll have many resources.
  3. 3D Printing - We are currently vetting 3D-printing for a variety of applications.  Rapid scalable production, and other benefits such as potential re-usability with sanitization will define whether these can be helpful versus not.  Currently, we are sourcing 3D printed Face Shields using these specs, and with these specific production needs.

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